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Banff Mountain Film Festival World Tour

The Banff Centre Mountain Film Festival is an international film competition and annual presentation of films and documentaries about mountain culture.

A brand-new compilation of short films from the world’s most famous mountain film festival will take you on a spectacular night of adventure!

The Banff Mountain Film Festival brings together the greatest adventure filmmakers and explorers from across the world as they push themselves to new heights in some of the world’s most isolated and beautiful locations. On the big screen, see incredible human-powered achievements, life-affirming challenges, and mind-blowing cinematography!

An adrenaline-pumping, not-to-be-missed event with free prize giveaways that will pique your interest in adventure, action, and travel. Capture the event around the UK this winter, with shows happening in  Derngate – NORTHAMPTON, Playhouse – NOTTINGHAM, Town Hall –BIRMINGHAM, Victoria Rooms – BRISTOL and many more.

Running The Roof (45 minutes)

Three pals from the United Kingdom and Canada are itching to get away from their workstations and embark on an adventure. They make a wager one night after a couple of too many beers. They spin a globe and race to the location where their finger falls. Tajikistan. This isn’t a narrative about completing a race or winning a medal; it’s about what happens when you rely only on your own two feet to transport you across one of the world’s remaining really untamed environments.

Return to El Guayas (32 minutes)

El Rio Guayas is one of Colombia’s wildest rivers, and Ben Stookesberry, Rafa Ortiz, and Lane Jacobs undertake the first descent. The crew faces rumours of armed groups in an insecure security scenario, as well as roaring rapids caused by heavy rain, as they paddle into the unknown. This is a journey deep into the South American rainforest, with roadless beauty, strong white-water, and extreme adventure, all navigated by satellite images.

K2: The Impossible Descent (23 minutes)

One in four climbers dies on the savage K2 Mountain. Andrzej Bargiel, a Polish ski mountaineer, performs the “impossible descent” from the peak on July 22, 2018. He accomplishes it all by himself, with no help from oxygen. The climbing community is taken aback, and the mainstream media picks up on the storey. Join Andrzej on a nail-biting pursuit of one of mountaineering’s most sought firsts through knife-edge ridges, above 1,000m cliffs, and down 75-degree slopes.

Accomplice: The Time Machine (6 minutes)

Cam and Tyler McCaul, brothers and freeride mountain bikes, go on a high-octane game of follow the leader on Utah’s craggy peaks. Accomplice is a tribute to our two-wheeled companion, celebrating how the bicycle is more than simply a method of transportation — it’s a vehicle for the human spirit.

Charge 2 (4 minutes)

Team Charge is back, and they’re more energised than ever! Five of the best freeskiers in the world and one of the best drone pilots in the world have been given a week in British Columbia with the orders to charge as hard as they can every day. Charge 2 raises the bar on the previous video with fresh viewpoints, high-flying tricks, and amazing leaps between tight treelines… tremendous intensity and epic powder assured.

FKT (11 minutes)

Mount Brunswick, at 1,788 metres, is the highest mountain in British Columbia’s North Shore Mountains, a hard, beautiful climb that takes typical hikers seven to eight hours to accomplish. Jeanelle Hazlett, a trail runner, is aiming to break the mountain’s Fastest Known Time (FKT) record. A tough task… and one false step on the knife-edge ridge might result in catastrophic injury or death.

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