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Brighten Up Your Trip With These Colourful Locations in England

The most colourful locations within England.

We have listed some beautiful locations in England that are filled with colour, perfect for photos and worth visiting for sightseeing.

Lavenham, Suffolk

A colourful, quirky town filled with history!

Lavenham is Britain’s best preserved mediaeval village and is also one of Suffolk’s most significant wool towns, set in the middle of the gorgeous Suffolk landscape. Timber-framed houses line the tiny alleys and alleyways leading up towards the spectacular market area, adding to the mediaeval appeal. Lavenham had been the 14th richest town throughout Tudor England due to its famed Lavenham Blue broadcloth, and there is plenty of rich history to be discovered.

A guided tour, which you can book using the Tourist Office along Lady Street, is the finest way to view this ancient village rich in history. A knowledgeable Blue Badge guide will walk you along neighbourhoods dotted with Instagrammable homes.

You can go about for an hour and a half, clicking photos and listening to stories about Lavenham’s turbulent past.

Norwich, Norfolk

This well-known city has a distinctive row of brightly coloured buildings that reflect in the gorgeous canal.

It’s a lovely spot to live, with historic mansions to visit and the neighbouring Mid-Yare National Nature Reserve, which extends into the Broads National Park.

Norwich is unique. It’s geographical isolation from the expanding sameness of many other English cities have given it a rich character of its own, an exciting blend of present and past; of openness and eccentric appeal.

It has a thriving arts, music, and cultural scene, excellent independent and High Street shopping, a quaint covered market, lively restaurants, bars, and nightlife, and a heritage that is a delight to explore.

Cliftonwood, Bristol

Cliftonwood is mostly made up of Victorian terraced residences, several of which are brightly painted.

Cliftonwood (named because of the wood in the middle that is part of Goldney Hall grounds) is a quiet neighbourhood overlooking Bristol Harbourside, while being just half a mile from the city centre.

Cliftonwood has just two routes in and out (which explains the peacefulness), and it’s perhaps best known among most Bristolians as well as tourists as the vibrant suburb seen from Baltic Wharf!

Nobody knows when or why the homes in the neighbourhood began to be painted… A certain ex-Bristol Mayor, as well as a local ex-estate agent, think they were the first to paint their house a colour besides grey-plaster-on-red-brick. It’s still a mystery! The homes are an iconic element of Bristol’s skyline, regardless of how the trend originated.

Brighton and Hove

Blaker St is Brighton’s most colourful street and is an Instagrammer’s dream. A whole street of rainbow-colored houses.

Known for being, colourful, vibrant and creative! There are many places to visit and activities to try in Brighton & Hove, from classic tourist sites to seaside trips.

The city of Brighton & Hove lies inbetween the coast and the countryside, offering a diverse range of activities in and around Brighton. Brighton is an extremely popular getaway especially during the sunnier months due to the bright surroundings and seaside activities!

Whitstable, Kent

Beginning at Horsebridge Road, then strolling along the beach path is ideal for a photogenic walking route. The first colourful houses appear on Marine Terrace, all with maintained gardens and quirky names.  Wavecrest and the majestic Victorian villas will appear soon after.

Going to the beach is one of the nicest things to do on a hot English summer day. Whitstable is unquestionably one of the greatest. Whitstable is known to be among the most attractive, if not poshest coastal villages, with its colourful mansions and pastel-colored fisherman’s cottages.

Brixham, Devon

Brixham, with many of its colourful buildings pouring down on each side of the harbour, is one of the greatest views across the South Devon coast as viewed from the water.

Brixham is among the busiest fishing ports within the UK, with some of the best seafood on the planet, but it’s not just about fishing. Brixham is also rich in art and culture, with a number of distinctive family-friendly attractions.

Brixham is a fantastic destination for art aficionados, with a wide choice of galleries displaying both local artists and visiting installations. You’ll even be able to observe painters at work on the Strand.


There are various buildings dotted around oxford that are known for being bright and colourful.

Holywell Street is one of the areas in Oxford that is usually visited due to the colourful houses and buildings. Perfect for photos and brightening up any visitor’s day.

Oxford has now surpassed its academic city rival Cambridge as the UK’s most colourful destination, due to its high concentration of flower shops, exceptional UK happiness rating, and Instagram colour-based hashtags.

Weymouth, Dorset

You have to visit this beautiful colourful harbour in Dorset.

Weymouth is a classic coastal resort town with a vast stretch of golden beach. Families love the beach because of the shallow waves and seasonal lifeguard coverage, which make it a safe area to paddle and swim. Traditional amusement may be found throughout the course of the beach, which is ideal for keeping the kids occupied. The fairground, Punch and Judy performance, donkey rides, and the sand sculpting pod. The beach’s eastern end is calmer and more popular with water sports enthusiasts who want to kayak, jet ski, or standup paddle board.

Which location would you want to visit?

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