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Coopers Hill Cheese Rolling 2023 – An Unusual Event

According to scholars, the competition preserved a long-standing custom that dates back to the Pre-Romish era. On the top hill, hundreds of youngsters congregate to chase after a cheese that is speeding down the fill at 70 mph (112 kph).

One of the seven strangest “Feats of Strength” in the world is thought to be cheese rolling. In the Gloucestershire region of southwest England, hundreds assemble each year around Cooper’s Hill. Tourists from all over the world come to see the athletes who attempt to climb the hill, not the hill itself. It’s possible that the annual chase of a rolling cheese wheel down the hill is the craziest competition in human history, with upwards of 40 contestants participating. But the race’s historic tradition, which goes back many hundred years, makes it legitimate as a prominent international event. The tradition continues today without a clear beginning, but many claim that it began in the early 1800s to mark the onset of winter and the planting of new crops.

A nine-pound wheel of Double Gloucester cheese, capable of reaching speeds of nearly 70 miles per hour, will be released by the master of ceremonies at the summit of Cooper’s Hill. The competition and a tonne of cheese, figuratively speaking, go to the first runner to reach the bottom of the hill. Consequently, there is no way to say that the Cheese Rolling competition is risk-free. If you decide to compete, be careful not to bruise easily or cry easily. Every year, many of competitors who are striving to make it down the hill suffer injuries that necessitate hospitalisation.

What to wear 

The weather in England can be erratic. Get ready for a bright morning or a cloudy day. It takes around a mile to go to the hill from the event over a field. For navigating the throng, climbing the hill, and crossing a field, put on some supportive yet comfortable shoes. No shelter is available. If it starts to rain, be sure you have some waterproof gear and sun protection.

Men’s and Women’s Downhill Race

As the race approaches, the crowd becomes agitated, and cries of “Cheese, Cheese, Cheese” can be heard throughout the stadium. At the bottom of the hill, one of the race officials shouts, “Are you ready?” to the cheers of the racers at the top of the hill. The siren sounds, and the 3 kg of Double Gloucester Cheese is then hurled down the hill by mad lunatics. You can feel how steep this hill is from the side, so it’s understandable that the Cheese accelerates rapidly as it descends to the bottom.

Uphill Race

Not just the downhill, either. There is an additional difficulty in the event. Cooper Hill was raced from the bottom to the summit. For children aged 12 and older, there is also an uphill race for children. It’s a true family affair!

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