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Historic Attractions to Visit in Oswestry

Learn about Oswestry’s many historic events.

Oswestry meets the border between Shropshire and Wales! Some people may even consider it to be part of Wales rather than England and others may completely disagree! Although there is one thing that we can all agree on which is that Oswestry is a great town to visit when seeking historic attractions and incredible heritage. We have discovered these historic attractions from the Visit Oswestry website!

Whittington Castle

Built in the 12th century this castle stands in the middle of Whittington village. Whittington Castle is included in a chain of historic buildings that were created to be protected during the 13th century under the protection of the Earl of Chester. This Earl was one of the most authoritative earls within medieval England who was under the rule of Edward I. It used to be the home of the prominent Fitzwarine family but is now used as a historic attraction that welcomes people from everywhere to share its past.

The castle has beautiful grounds surrounding it and has special events that take place during summer including outdoor theatre performances, ghost tours and so on.

Old Oswestry Iron Age Hill Fort


Described to be a spectacular yet mysterious hill fort that is 3,000 years old. This marks the start of the beginning of an old British settlement which was Oswestry. Old Oswestry was built throughout the Iron Age and was also used during these times too. It is one of the best-kept hill forts within Britain. This hill fort is right on the outskirts of town and the short climb will allow you to see beautiful views of the town of Shropshire as well as the rest of the county. It is said to have been the birthplace of Queen Guinevere, and a location where many battles may have taken place!

Chirk Castle

A beautiful marcher fortification was created by Roger Mortimer throughout the reign of King Edward I almost 700 years ago. Sir Thomas Myddelton purchased it in 1595, and the Myddelton family owned it for about 400 years. Over centuries of Myddelton family ownership, much work has been done to transform the mediaeval stronghold into a pleasant family residence. Lovely seasonal planting and commanding views of the Cheshire/Shropshire lowlands may be found in the beautiful gardens. The 480-acre estate has various walking pathways of varying degrees of difficulty, as well as the Scheduled Ancient Monument of Offa’s Dyke, which runs through it.

The Parish Church of St Oswald, King and Martyr

This church is known to be the tallest and perhaps the oldest building within Oswestry. This building was dedicated to St Oswald, a man who died during the battle of Maserfield throughout 642 AD. This building was probably created to replace a simple structure that was marking the spot. This building is now almost 1000 years old. The church was unfortunately damaged during the civil war as the roundheads attacked it and were said to have used it as a stable. But it was restored again after the Civil War during the 1870s.

These are all remarkable attractions that are filled with history and hundreds of stories that they would be happy to share with visitors! Just head down to Oswestry for a wonderful and insightful trip.

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