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Interesting Things To Do During The Summer Holiday

England is filled with so many interesting things to do, with the summer holidays around the corner, we have narrowed down our top 4 favourites.

1. Spitfire Simulator Flight in Bedfordshire


This simulator offers a one-of-a-kind opportunity to experience operating this spectacular warbird. It offers a genuine experience with functional controls and gauges and totally immersive sound and images. Get comfortable with the controls and enjoy the challenge of flying a Spitfire. Try taking off and landing. Take off on a spectacular 30-minute experience by climbing into the cockpit. Perform realistic procedures and experience a variety of real-world settings. Learn to fly a powerful Spitfire and experience the thrilling rush of flight.

2. Dive with Sharks at Skegness Aquarium

Dive with Sharks at Skegness Aquarium

At Skegness Aquarium, you can dive with Sharks and immerse yourself in the wonders of the undersea world.

Get up close and personal with a variety of amazing sea life species, from bat rays and unicorn fish to black tip reef sharks and zebra sharks, with the assistance of a professional teacher. Before diving into Europe’s only aquarium shark dive for complete beginners employing cutting-edge full face masks to maximise participant comfort, start with an expert briefing and equipment orientation. You will use cutting-edge life support equipment that will allow you to breathe via your mouth or nose. At the same time, the instructor provides you with vocal instructions and assurance via a diver communication device. This will let you breathe as nature intended. Discover the delights of Skegness Aquarium before or after your Dive with the Sharks experience. Explore the depths of the ocean, meet little-known critters, and check out some amazing aquarium activities, including the recently opened Jurassic Falls Attraction.

3. The Slide at The ArcelorMittal Orbit

The Slide at The ArcelorMittal Orbit

At the ArcelorMittal Orbit, the rush of adrenaline has reached new heights, allowing you to have sensations that are unmatched across the city. Think of yourself as a daredevil?  Then mark the longest tunnel in the world off your bucket list. The 178-meter-long sculpture’s 12 twists and turns culminate in a wicked corkscrew part called the “bettfeder” (from the German term for “bedspring”).

Before you plunge into darkness at the bottom of the slide, you’ll get a sight of the Park and the London skyline through the glass portions, which will leave your mind wondering in which direction you’ll descend next.

4. Longleat Hedge Maze

Longleat Hedge Maze

The Longleat hedge maze in England is the largest of three mazes on the site and was added to the historic grounds of the stately home of Longleat in 1975.

The maze, which spans 1.48 acres and 1.69 miles of walkway, is made of more than 16,000 English yews and is the longest (but not the largest) hedge maze in the world. It is a large maze with several dead ends, numerous routes, and six high bridges that encircle a centre tower.

The maze is a portion of the 8,000 acres on which the Marquesses of Bath have lived since 1541. Capability Brown, a well-known landscape architect who also worked on the grounds of Alnwick Castle, laid out 900 of those acres (now home to the Alnwick Poison Gardens). The site contains a variety of distinctive characteristics, not the least of which is the public-access Safari Park with exotic animals, which opened in 1966.

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