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LOCAL MAN told by Bublé- “Man, there were times I thought that was me”, which he commented on Luke Hingley’s TikTok video.

We caught up with Torbay resident and leading tribute impersonator (approved by Michael Bublé himself) Luke Hingley – who plays the lead role of Michael Bublé in the touring show Bublé Meets Sinatra: The Showdown! – as he excitedly awaits the 2nd September when the show hits Babbacombe Theatre.

1. Being a local Torbay boy who performs the length and breadth of the U.K. and internationally, you must be excited about performing in this impressive show in your beloved hometown.

Yes, it will be a very special experience for me to sing and showcase my acting skills in the show in front of a home crowd and entertain the great community I grew up in. Showcasing my talents in my hometown gives me a sense of connection and camaraderie with the audience, as they might share a common background and may be familiar with my journey as a performer. It’s an opportunity to celebrate my roots and receive support from friends, family, and local fans.

2. What drew you into the entertainment industry and becoming a premier Michael Bublé impersonator?

My passion for performing, love for music and desire to entertain or connect with audiences is what initially captivated me. Progressing from that, I found emulating Michael Bublé natural and fulfilling. Becoming an impersonator requires a combination of talent, dedication, and attention to detail. I spent and continue to spend a significant amount of time studying Michael’s mannerisms, vocal techniques, and overall persona, striving to capture the essence of his performances to give audiences and fans an authentic experience. Ultimately, I love bringing joy to people through replicating the nuances of Bublé’s’ voice and stage presence and the gratification that comes from successfully engaging and entertaining an audience.

3. What has been your career highlight so far?

My career thus far has been an ever-developing process, from starting out working in local pubs and clubs to being part of a fantastic production in “Bublé Meets Sinatra: The Showdown!”. Michael himself has shown support to me in reaching out through social media and, in passing, gave me my greatest accomplishment to date….a nod “Man, there were times I thought that was me”, which he commented on my TikTok video. Within the show, I also get to work with an incredible ‘Frank Sinatra’ in Kevin Fitzsimmons and top musicians, some of whom are directly linked to Bublé through working on his albums and backing him on some of his U.K. television performances, so working with those individuals gives me even more motivation when it comes to authenticity.

4. What is the biggest challenge in taking this role?

For me, the biggest challenge is living up to the high expectations set by the audience, the show’s producers, who are specialists in this music genre, and the artist himself. Michael Bublé is known for his smooth vocals, charismatic stage presence, and unique interpretation of classic songs. As an impersonator, capturing those qualities and delivering a performance that does justice to the original artist can be quite demanding. It requires extensive practice and attention to detail to accurately replicate his vocal style, mannerisms, and stage performance. Additionally, maintaining consistency in my impersonation is crucial. Performing night after night and striving for excellence in each show can be physically and mentally challenging. It requires discipline, stamina, and a deep understanding of the artist’s work. Overall, the biggest challenge in “being” Bublé is embodying the artist’s essence, delivering a captivating performance, and continually striving for excellence while navigating the entertainment industry’s demands.

5. What is going to surprise people about this show?

What will surprise the audience is the accuracy of our portrayals of the two superstars and the exciting edge-of-your-seat atmosphere created by a combination of the right talent, hard work, dedication, shared love for music and YOU, our audience. The show’s producers have not only incorporated all the greatest songs of Bublé & Sinatra, but they also place a high emphasis on the entertainment factor – the clever-yet-subtle storyline they’ve woven in is entertaining and often laughter-inducing, something audiences don’t often find in theatre-touring tribute shows. What’s more, don’t miss the very start of the show, folks… our opener will be a surprise!

6. What sort of person is going to love this show?

The show is not only a key event Devon’s Michael Bublé & Frank Sinatra fans and aficionados must not miss. Other people who will love it are those seeking an entertaining and exhilarating night out who may or may not be fans of the original artistes, fans of professional musicians, and nostalgia seekers who will specifically be able to relate to the songs and may even be taken back to a period of their own lives or cherished parents/grandparents’ lives. Not forgetting event go-ers and fans of theatrical performances. There really is something for everyone within our show.

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