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Ludlow Spring Festival 2023

Get ready to be welcomed to the new home of Ludlow Spring Festival at the Ludlow Rugby Club!

Friday 12th: 11am-9pm
Saturday 13th: 10am-9pm
Sunday 14th May: 11am-4pm


A Full Weekend of Eclectic Music

This year, they’ve got a wonderful lineup for you – plus a new venue! Ludlow Spring Festival takes place at Ludlow Rugby Club, where you can expect great music, a broad range of real ales in the Festival Pub, and FREE lectures from some the region’s fantastic food and drink manufacturers. They’ve also got some exciting new ideas for 2023! The Wales & West SIBA beer championships are judged in private, then the doors are opened to the public for an exclusive tasting of the freshly crowned winners!

They also hold the Marches Transport Festival, which will feature a spectacular exhibit of historic and vintage automobiles, some dating back to the early twentieth century.


Over 60 of the greatest food and beverage exhibitors will entice your taste buds! Prepare to stock up on your favourites while also discovering new ones… The event would not be possible without the incredible exhibitors and merchants.

We are fortunate to have a diverse range of producers join the festival, from cheesemongers and bakers to cake and sausage manufacturers! Winemakers, chocolatiers, delecatessents, and ice cream manufacturers are among the numerous delightful items to be discovered during the weekend.

Each year, new and intriguing businesses join the Festival, as well as the opportunity to shop for some of your favourite, familiar brands.


Dogs on a leash are permitted on the Ludlow Rugby Club grounds… But not under a tent, beneath a marquee cover, or anyplace food is being prepared (save for guiding dogs). Other than the Ludlow Spring Festival, each festival location has its own dog policy, however food businesses do not generally allow dogs to enter.

A dog crèche will be available during the weekend. Please keep in mind that this is a limited service that operates on a “first come, first served” basis. Donations will be requested at the crèche, which is run by the charity Dog’s Trust, and all donations will be directed to them. More information on the charity may be found at www.dogstrust.org.uk


All events at Ludlow Rugby Club and the majority of other locations are wheelchair and mobility scooter accessible. Some stores have entrance stairs, but assistance is always available.

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