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Stay in This Incredible Work of Art – A House For Essex

Designed by FAT Architecture & Grayson Perry.

FAT Architecture & Grayson Perry collaborated on the design of A House for Essex. It’s both artwork in and of itself, as well as the backdrop for a variety of Perry’s works that explore Essex’s distinct character and traits. The structure was created to recall the history of pilgrimage and roadside chapels. It’s one of a long line of follies, but it’s also very much of its period.

Living Architecture invites world-renowned architects to create residences for short-term vacation rentals in order to transform people’s perceptions of modern architecture. One such home, created by the Turner Prize-winning artist Grayson Perry and FAT Architectural, checks all of the boxes for art, design, and architecture enthusiasts.

This has proven to be one of Living Architecture’s most popular rentals since its inception in 2015, so they implemented a ballot system (which runs throughout the year) to ensure that everyone has a fair opportunity of staying at the house.

It has now become a 21st Century Landmark within Essex.

The home in Wrabness is a wonderful blend of odd architectural features and particularly commissioned pieces by Grayson Perry, drawing on the distinctive features of Essex.

A House for Essex is modelled as a pilgrimage chapel & dedicated to Julie Cope, a fictitious saint. It was inspired by several architectural styles such as Stave churches, Arts & Crafts houses, and English Baroque churches.

The house’s facade and unusual tiered-design, clad in white and green tiles symbolising both Julie as both an icon and symbols of her life, attracts attention.

The inside, as one might expect, is just as wacky and unique as the outside, with specially-commissioned pieces by Perry such as handcrafted ceramic pots & tapestries depicting Julie Cope’s imaginary existence.

The secluded home, which overlooks the River Stout and can accommodate up to four people for two or three night breaks.

If you don’t have a chance to stay inside the wonderful structure that so elegantly blends creative vision and architectural mastery this time, sign up for the Living Architecture newsletter to be notified when the ballot opens this year.

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