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Top 3 Best Rollercoasters In England

Life goes up and down, like a roller coaster, we really want to feel the thrill. Let the adrenaline rush fill your demand for adventure.

Life goes up and down, like a roller coaster, sometimes we really want to feel the thrill. Screaming at the top of your lungs and letting the adrenaline rush fill your demand for adventure. We have been discussing in the iVisit team which ones are the most thrilling, amazing and spectacular top 3 best rollercoasters in England.

Wicker Man, Alton Towers

No doubt the most impressive roller coaster in the country at the moment. With its strong pagan beliefs, this coaster is an homage to the old ways in Britain. Fast, Arcaic and Inmerssive this ride will surely kick you back to the Dark Ages. Although looking rustic you would be surprised that the tracks are made out of wood, but not the effigy, but with the constant use of fire and smoke it is understandable why they need to think about the safety of the passengers.

Icon, Blackpool Pleasure Beach

With top speeds comparable to a Formula 1 Car. This ride is not for the faint of heart and you can tell. Just looking at how the cars are designed makes you have the sensation that you might fall in this twister of metal spins and speed. An authentic test of might and bravery, not many in the team would challenge this ride but one thing is sure. The wind will blow your hair out at its top speed meanwhile you feel the hit of adrenaline on your chest, an attraction only for the bold.

The Ultimate, Lightwater Valley

One of the Longest if not the Longest ride in the whole of Europe. A classical coaster, its 6 minute ride will parade you to the beautiful scenery of Yorkshire. From the greens of the plains to the lavishing forests, this is a treat if your favourite color is green and blue. But don’t be fooled, this ride is no cruiser boat. It’s top 50 miles per hour will give you the right dose of adrenaline.

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