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Unusual Gift Ideas at Drusillas Park

Give the gift of making WILD memories with Drusillas Park!

Keeper for the Day

Treat the animal lover in your life to the ultimate experience – a whole day of truly unforgettable nose-to-nose animal encounters! Being Keeper for the Day will mean exclusive access inside Drusilla’s enclosures, getting stuck into duties such as hand-feeding their mischievous meerkats, flinging fish to their penguins, and passing snacks to their sloths, as they accompany a dedicated Drusillas Keeper behind the scenes of their busy Zoo. Give the gift of wonderfully wild memories with this magical one-on-one day!

Close Encounters

Do you know a super sloth fan? Someone potty for penguins? Mad for meerkats? The animal close encounters are the perfect gift for anyone who wants to have a magical one-on-one experience with their favourite animal. They’ll make a new furry friend for life as they accompany a dedicated Drusillas Keeper behind the scenes with exclusive access inside the enclosure – and some amazing close-up photo opportunities! 

Spider Phobia Courses

Is there someone in your life who is simply terrified of spiders? Give them the most unique and life-changing gift of all – the gift of curing that fear! Their Spider Phobia Course is an incredible opportunity for their spider experts to calmly quell the fears of an arachnophobe once and for all… with extraordinary results. We’ll even have them tickling a tarantula by the end of the day!

Photography Days

Trying to find something special for a budding photographer? The Zoo Photography Days offer them (and their camera) a whole day of exclusive behind the scenes access into the amazing animal enclosures to capture some stunning close-ups of their furry and feathered residents. Accompanied by the expert professional photographer, this is an amazing opportunity to get those National Geographic-worthy shots!

Animal Adoptions

The gift of Animal Adoption is a wonderful way to feel connected to a beautiful wild animal, without all the costs and responsibilities associated with owning a pet. All of the animals at the zoo are available for adoption and the income generated helps support the zoo’s ongoing animal care and conservation programmes. Adopters receive a photo, a certificate signed by a Zoo Director, a plaque on or near the animal’s enclosure and a complimentary ticket to visit the new member of the family.

Annual Membership

For all year round enjoyment, Drusillas Annual Membership may be just the ticket. Members are offered access to the Zoo, play areas, SPARK, Hello Kitty Secret Garden and Go Safari! 362 days a year. We offer Annual Membership Gift Vouchers for those who want to give the gift of ZOOper fun!

Gift Vouchers

Gift Vouchers are the perfect gift idea for family, friends and loved ones. Vouchers can be redeemed against many of our Drusillas experiences such as Keeper for the Day, Animal Close Encounters, Annual Membership, Photography Days, Spider Phobia Courses, Animal Adoptions or simply a fun day out in the Park. You can also use the vouchers in their cafes and shops!

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