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3 Places to Enjoy this Summer in England 2022

Enjoy some amazing seaside attractions this summer with iVisit

We might all be excited this summer because we can finally go out and travel again. With the restrictions lifted not only in England but in most European countries, you must be excited to go to places like Spain and Italy, but what if you cannot afford it or you are not very confident of going out? Well, our country might surprise you with a few things you can do, so you can feel much closer to the sun.

Here in the iVisit team we have thought about it and we have come up with three places that you will definitely want to go to this summer in England.

With such a characteristic name we couldn’t leave the Pleasure Beaches out of the list. With two resorts situated right next to sandy beaches, these theme parks are screaming “You must be here for summer”. So, grab your shorts and sunglasses, spend some time swimming and sunbathing and then dry off on some rides or get splashed by others: the choice is yours.

Adventure Island, Southend-on-Sea

Not only known as one of the friendliest theme parks in the world but also the first free entry theme park in the UK, Adventure Island provides you with value entertainment at your own disposal and pace. Either by paying the tickets at the rides you want to enjoy or get one of their all access wristbands and if you feel like a splash you can always hop on the nearby beach.

Fantasy Island, Skegness

And the last one of the list but not the smallest by any chance, with over 30 rides, Fantasy Island in Skegness is a force to reckon with in the East. Following the same model as Adventure Island, you can also enjoy the rides at your own pace. Not only can you enjoy the park but you will be surprised to find that there is a market here as well that operates 7 days a week.

I hope our selection has caught your eye. if you desire to know more places or you wish to comment anything about this, please do so on our social media channels. We wish you the best holidays and hope you take it easy with iVisit. See you later!

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