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5 Beautiful Libraries in England that Bookworms will Love!

Here are 5 amazing grand libraries in England that need to be on every bookworm’s bucket list!

Here are 5 amazing grand libraries in England to visit:

The Bodleian Old Library at Oxford University

Seven things you (probably) didn't know about Oxford's libraries | by  Graduate Study at Oxford | Oxford University | Medium

The Bodleian Library at Oxford University is one of six legal deposit libraries in the United Kingdom (another appears later in the list), which means it is lawful to request a copy of every book produced in the country. These are held in one of the Bodleian’s five main buildings, and it’s impossible to pick a favourite among them.

Although, the Bodleian Old Library is one of Europe’s oldest and one of Oxford’s most iconic. You’ll feel like you’ve stepped right onto the set of a period drama in the Duke Humffrey’s reading room, with the beautiful wooden interiors and shelves filled with everything you could possibly imagine.

John Rylands Library in Manchester

The John Rylands Library, Manchester, United Kingdom wishlist by  @michfrancesca in Bibliophile Stops | Lemi - Discover, Share, Buy Local

The University of Manchester’s library is every Potterhead’s fantasy. Its neo-gothic-styled reading rooms, red carpet, and reading-by-candlelight lighting look like something straight out of a film set.

But what’s even more impressive is what’s underneath all the gloss and glamour. Ranked as one of the top 5 university special collections in the world, the John Ryland Library has a vast collection of resources to offer; both new and old. With 4 million manuscripts and printed books, 41,000 electronic journals, and 500,000 electronic journals, there’s something for everyone (about anything).

Wren Library at Cambridge University

Wren Curios – Trinity College Library, Cambridge

Wren Library in Cambridge University’s very own Trinity College has been an attraction spot for visitors since its opening in 1695, and it’s not hard to see why. Bookshelves filled with seas of knowledge, black and with checkered tiles, and statues of Cambridge’s finest, not to mention the long corridors add to the grand setting.

The library’s collection is almost endless with an ever-expanding selection of printed books and modern manuscripts and over 850 medieval manuscripts which are all accessible online as well. Did I also mention that they have Isaac Newton’s notebook and copy of Principia Mathematica.

The Maughan Library, London

12 incredible libraries in the UK that need to be on every bookworm's  bucket list - Mirror Online

Originally home to the headquarters of the Public Record Office, this grandious library is an impressive sight. With over 750,000 items, there’s so much to discover in King’s College London’s main research library. Secret stained-glass windows, stunning statues, and a circular reading room that was actually transformed into Professor Dumbledore’s office for the Harry Potter film series.

It’s grand neo-gothic exterior is misleading in comparison to it’s more forgiving contemporary interior. A great quiet escape from the bustling city streets outside.

Liverpool Central Library

Central Library, Liverpool

liverpool’s biggest library is an absolute must for any book lover visiting the city. There’s a perfect architectural mix of classic and contemporary across the library and in the Picton reading room, you’re welcomely invites you to step into a world full of books! This is built around a stunning Gugghenheim-like spiral staircase.

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