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Here is What to Do for February Half Term

Embrace the excitement of February half term with a myriad of engaging activities that promise fun for the whole family.

Colchester Zoo

Zooper Heroes

17th February – 25th February 2024

During the February Half Term, Colchester Zoo will honour the Zooper Heroes and their crucial role in the well-being of the zoo’s animals on-site and preserving species in their natural habitats!

Explore the narratives of the Zooper Heroes at Colchester Zoo, ranging from the dedicated Animal Care Team to researchers, educators, and meticulous record keepers. This half term, bring along your little one’s cape and boots, and witness as your child transforms into a wildlife hero, actively joining the battle against extinction!

Drusillas Park

10th -18th February 2024

Experience untamed adventures this February half term at Drusillas Zoo Park!

Their family-friendly zoo promises an immersive animal experience for both little and big ones, always centred around the joy of ‘fun finding out.’ Engage in complimentary animal spotting activities or put your strength to the test in the Zoolympics alongside your animal friends. Explore the captivating walkthrough enclosures all week, where close encounters with inquisitive lemurs and leisurely hangs with the sloths await. Ensure not to miss the spectacle of animal feeding times.

For an extra dose of family-friendly excitement, revel in unlimited rides on the Flying Cheetahs, Hippopotobus, Jungle Jeeps, Amazon Skyrise, Toucan Twister, and Safari Express Train. Conclude your adventure with a magical ride on The Rainforest Carousel. Can’t decide on a favourite animal to ride? No worries—come back and enjoy them all on a whimsical spin!

Visitors can ensure a wild adventure by pre-booking entry tickets to Drusillas Zoo Park online in advance until midnight the day before their visit. Enjoy a 20% saving on the gate price for the day, with advance online prices already automatically adjusted for convenience.

The Heights of Abraham

February 17th – 25th 2024

The Heights of Abraham is renowned for its spectacular cable car ride that takes visitors on a journey high above the Derwent Valley. As you ascend, the panoramic views of the surrounding peaks and lush landscapes unfold, creating a mesmerizing tapestry of natural beauty. It’s a perfect opportunity for families to appreciate the awe-inspiring sights together.

This half term, The Heights of Abraham offers engaging and informative activities for curious minds. Educational trails and guided tours provide fascinating insights into the geological wonders of the area, with a focus on the ancient lead mining history that shaped the landscape. Families can embark on a journey through time, discovering the secrets hidden within the caverns and caves.

Science and Industry Museum

10–25 February 2024

Embark on a journey of discovery as visitors delve into the power of play with a diverse program featuring free, hands-on fun, games, and challenges suitable for all ages.

Guests are invited to grab a Play Passport, initiating a quest to uncover pop-up activities scattered throughout the museum. Immerse oneself in the Rust Retreat, a sensory experience inspired by Manchester’s rich industrial history. Ignite creativity at the Story Station and delve into the profound connection between play, innovation, and scientific exploration through interactive displays.

For an added adventure, secure a ticket to “Operation Ouch! Food, Poo and You,” where participants embark on an engaging journey through the digestive system. Interactive games, challenges, and intriguing objects accompany this special mission to unveil the mysteries of food consumption.

Experience the evolution of video gaming over the past five decades with a ticket to Power Up—a thrilling and immersive gaming extravaganza.

Families can also relish in free, permanent galleries featuring beloved classics. Witness science in action at Experiment, encounter formidable machines in the Textiles Gallery and explore revolutionary ideas in Revolution Manchester. Delve into a highlights display showcasing remarkable artefacts from Professor Stephen Hawking’s office, rounding out a captivating exploration for visitors of all ages.

Watercress Line

Magic of Locomotion

10 – 18 February 2024

Embark on a journey to discover the enchantment of train travel, guided by a team of skilled magicians ready to weave a spellbinding experience. Witness captivating magic shows at the Old Goods Shed in Alresford and marvel at the mesmerizing close-up tricks and entertainment unfolding on board the service trains. Delve into the secrets behind the magic, unravelling the mysteries that bring our locomotives to life.

Highlights of the heritage train rides include marvelling at magic shows held upstairs in the Old Goods Shed at Alresford, with two shows presented twice a day. Guests will also be captivated by the close-up magic tricks performed by our onboard magician travelling on the Alresford train. Additionally, there are exclusive “Meet the author” moments with Simon Hall, who will be signing his book ‘Trouble on the Watermeadow Line,’ exclusively at the Goods Shed in Alresford on February 10, 11, 16, and 17. This provides an opportunity to explore the railway line for similarities while enjoying this unique literary connection. Visitors can engage in pottery painting at the West Country Buffet (additional cost), adding a creative touch to their experience. Upon departure, they can take home an activity sheet filled with magical tricks to try, ensuring the enchantment continues beyond the journey. Don’t forget to grab free colouring sheets in the Alton Waiting Room, providing a delightful keepsake for young travellers.

For a comfortable break, guests can relax in the West Country Buffet, which offers a selection of hot and cold food and drinks to enhance their journey. To wrap up the day, exploring the Alresford Shop offers an array of gifts and mementoes to commemorate the magical experience. Visitors can also visit the Alton Kiosk for convenient access to hot and cold drinks, as well as snacks, ensuring they stay refreshed throughout their adventure.

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