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The Top 5 Museums in Devon

Have a fun and an educational day out in Devon by visiting some of the best museums in the area.

Sculpture By The Lakes

Come and take a visit to one of the most beautiful and unique sculptural parks in the United Kingdom. The combination of the river landscape and the outdoor sculpture makes this an enticing attraction to visit. There are 3 gallery spaces nearby which contain paintings, sculptures and prints created by an incredible range of great artists.

Dorset’s best-kept secret.
Sculpture by the Lakes is a beautifully designed retreat that removes barriers between you and your surroundings. It is nestled amid 26 acres of gorgeous scenery.

You’re invited to explore the harmonious harmony of art, nature, and relaxation with renowned modern sculptor Simon Gudgeon and his team of artisans.

This is not something to speed through. Enjoy great prepared meals in The Kitchen, fresh local produce in The Pantry, unique gifts and goodies in The Store, and well-curated exhibition pieces in The Gallery while wasting time and relaxing in The Sculpture Park and discovering something special in The Makers Yard.

Spend some time alone, turn off the phone, and focus on your own day.

The Gallery

They represent an exceptional group of international artists who are displaying sculpture, paintings, and original prints in one of Dorset’s largest exhibition halls. To provide the best artwork by exceptional artists, each piece is carefully picked.

Every four to six weeks, they switch up the display, so there is always something fresh to see inside the gallery. They regularly host discussions, seminars, and artist demos to supplement their show schedule.

The Gallery is situated in The Makers Yard close to The Sculpture Park’s entrance. The Gallery offers free admission.

Russell-Cotes Art Gallery & Museum

This attraction contains a House, Museum and Gallery. The house is known for typically containing plush staircases which have a great authentic design to them. The gallery contains pieces of beautiful Artwork and very fine decorations. You can even find rooms named by colours which are yellow, red and green. These rooms are decorated in specific colours and you will even find items or pieces to look at which will be very intriguing.

A unique collection of high Victorian and Pre-Raphaelite artwork, including several pieces created by women painters, can be found in the main hall. Other rooms store the couple’s trip mementoes, including artwork from Japan, Australia, New Zealand, and other countries. One of Bournemouth’s most intriguing tourist attractions is Merton’s expensive gift to his wife, which features breathtaking vistas, a tranquil cliff-top garden, and a chic café.

Bournemouth Aviation Museum

They stand out from many other museums because they provide “hands-on” activities. They encourage guests of all ages to enter the cockpits of many of the aircraft. By taking the controls, try to imagine what it would be like to be a pilot and take off to wherever your heart desires.

There is lots of free parking, so there is no need to make a reservation (unless there are groups of 8 or more). Please call the Museum to make arrangements if you are bringing a party of 8 or more, or fill out an application form on the internet.

The museum currently benefits from sharing a location with Adventure Wonderland, which is ranked as Dorset’s top tourist destination.

There are constantly new displays being added, such as the Boeing 737.

Lyme Regis Philpot Museum

This is a museum great for families, especially children. There is a geology gallery and learning centre especially if children may want to pick up some knowledge. Inside the museum, you will find wonderful interiors and displays that tell fascinating stories about fossil collecting and geology on the Jurassic Coast, and it also explains the personalities that played a part in this creation.

Learn about 200 million years of history, from the amazing fossil discoveries made by Mary Anning to the numerous writers who have drawn inspiration from the town. The architecturally stunning Lyme Regis Museum, which overlooks Lyme Bay and the Jurassic Coast, is packed with artefacts from the town’s illustrious past.

The museum’s new Mary Anning Wing offers breathtaking sea views, as well as all the amenities you’d expect in a contemporary museum, like the specially designed Fine Foundation Learning Centre, which is the ideal location for families and schools.

There is a tonne of intriguing and thought-provoking exhibits in the museum. For a small museum, their collections are remarkably extensive, and they have a tonne of interesting stories to share. The magnificent fossil collections, marine, and domestic artefacts, as well as the depictions in paintings, engravings, and photographs, are excellent representations of the vibrant local history of Lyme. The town’s literary ties, from Jane Austen and John Fowles to Tracy Chevalier, are highlighted in the Writers’ Gallery. The region is known for its fossils, which are on exhibit in the geological galleries.

Dinosaurland Fossil Museum

This is a traditional museum with more than 16,000 specimens on display. This is a museum with a wonderful collection of fossils. You can find items such as Nautilus specimens, oysters, wood, lobsters, crinoids and starfish. Another unique collection you can find there are Chinese Dinosaurs.

Children interested in dinosaurs and fossils, aged 5 to 85, should visit the Dinosaurland Fossil Museum. It has a stunning assortment of local Jurassic marine fossils and provides information on what they are, why they are there, and what they signify.

The Map Room explains the benefits of Lyme Regis as a fossil-hunting destination and directs you to the best locations.

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