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Ports Fest

Welcome to Ports Fest the new name for Portsmouth Festivities!

An annual festival which celebrates arts, culture and heritage in Portsmouth.

Ports Fest is an award-winning festival that has been providing cultural experiences in the City of Portsmouth for over 20 years, engaging with multiple audiences in Portsmouth venues and the surrounding areas.

Their ambitious multi-arts programme tries to respond to the city’s identity as a commuter belt, sea city, and area of rich cultural history.

Ports Fest is ambitious about delivering work of the highest quality that illuminates the lives of people from all backgrounds. The growth of the festival since its inception in 1999 has been recognised as largely due to the active participation of its arts and cultural partners and the efforts of a core of dedicated individuals.

There is much to get involved in, with events happening throughout the year as well as the main focus of their summer festival.

Dates for this year’s festival are June 28th – July 2nd 2023

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