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Step Up Your Game: Join the Adidas Manchester Marathon

Lace up and level up at the Adidas Manchester Marathon! Register now for an Unforgettable Running Experience.

Adidas Manchester Marathon

Sunday 14th April 2024

People running Manchester Marathon
Manchester Marathon

The Adidas Manchester Marathon, the UK’s second-largest marathon and one of Europe’s most prominent, holds an iconic status. Drawing participants from across the globe, the event unfolds on the vibrant streets of Greater Manchester.

The organisers take pride in warmly welcoming all individuals willing to undertake the 26.2-mile challenge. This inclusive approach caters to runners seeking excellence and those who once believed that completing a marathon was beyond reach. For many seasoned runners, this event serves as an optimal opportunity to achieve a personal best time, with the entire course marked by the unforgettable support of the Mancunian community.

Relay Options

Man and woman running Manchester Marathon

For those finding the prospect of covering 26.2 miles solo a bit daunting, why not join forces with friends, family, or colleagues to collectively conquer the distance?

Enter the Adidas Manchester Marathon Relays, offering both two and four-person relay options where each participant takes on a segment of the course. Upon completing their section, every relay team member receives a substantial medal and a commemorative t-shirt.

Runner A: The designated ‘Runner A’ kicks off the Adidas Manchester Marathon at their designated time.

All Other Relay Team Members: Remaining team members must independently make their way to the specified start points on the route, all conveniently located within 1km of a Metrolink station. Relay locations will be marked with signs, and marshals will be on hand to guide participants. It’s crucial not to travel to the changeover points by car due to road closures. Restrooms will be available at each relay point.

Note: The person with the D bib must handle the last leg to ensure your team receives an official time.

4-Leg Relay:

  • Runner B: A56 Bridgewater Way – Cornbrook Metrolink Tram stop
  • Runner C: De Quincey Road – Timperley Metrolink Tram stop
  • Runner D: St John The Divine, Brooklands (M33 3PB) – Brooklands Metrolink Tram stop

2-Leg Relay:

  • Runner A: Starts the marathon at the allocated time.
  • Runner B: De Quincey Road (near WA14 5PH) – Timperley Metrolink Tram stop

It’s essential to have a contactless or Metrolink card for travel between relay points.

Finish: Runners A, B, and C will receive their medals and t-shirts at the relay changeover point. Runner D will collect theirs from the main finish line.

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