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Tankfest 2022

Tankfest makes a great return for 2022 If you are a history enthusiast or you want to show something to hipe up your little ones it’s a must go this weekend.

Tankfest makes a great return for 2022, are you ready to see it? They have been working hard to maintain these relics and if you have a little soft spot for these relics of the past century and If you want to have a great experience, then this is a great place to visit and it will definitely get your kids hyped to see these great feats of machinery in motion.

Here in the team we also love history and the preservation of the machines that contributed to the different conflicts. So in this article, we will put some of our favourite tanks that we want to see this weekend.

King Tiger Ausf. B, Tiger II, King Tiger or Königstiger

King Tiger Ausf. B, Tiger II, King Tiger or Königstiger

One of the most infamous tanks on the Axis side is the King Tiger Ausf, just look at its intimidating presence. Seeing this driving towards you was a clear sign that you were in trouble. These deadly machines had a primary role in the advance of the enemy forces with their powerful 88mm 71 Caliber Gun they could definitely change the tide of the battle.

But how did this monster of a machine survived the war? The short answer is it was never in the war, it was one of the three prototypes that were built by Henschel and this one, in particular, was used for trials, so it remained in the factory with them up to the point it was captured by British forces in Hautensbeck.

Fun fact: it was used as a testing target by the British troops after its capture.

This tank has an interesting story behind it and if you want to see it in action then maybe the museum will let the tiger out of its cage this year.



The main bulk of the Soviet forces were made by this tank, an improvement from the original T-34, the T-34/85 possesses a powerful 85mm 55 Caliber Gun that can even frighten the biggest Tigers. The T-34/85 was mass-produced in such large numbers that the Wehrmacht had no chance to push them back, many experts consider this to be one of the most successful tanks in WW2.

The one that they have on the tank museum was actually captured from the Chinese Communist forces during the Korean War and studied by the British. So It might not be your stereotypical T-34 but that doesn’t mean that the curators of the museum take good care of this beautiful machine.

M4 Sherman Firefly

M4 Sherman Firefly

This well known British Tank was one of the best tanks of WW2 due to its all-around general purpose. To the trained eye, you might even see that the Firefly has a Yankee spark to its design, this is because it was actually designed in the USA by the Americans. The British tried to send envoys to America to persuade them to build British tanks for their army, but after contemplating the designs from the Americans they were convinced that they needed some American might in their army.

The tank was mounted with the magnific QF 17-Pounder, this 55 Caliber gun – definitely not something you want to be on the receiving end of. The main problem these tanks had was that even though they had a very powerful cannon, their armour was not thick enough to withstand the power of the heavier German Tanks. To address this issue they had to be disguised to look like a regular Sherman so they would not raise suspicions on the German Troops.

This one was made in America in the Crysler Factory during the ’40s and painted to represent the Guards Armored Division during its deployment around the time of the Battle of Arnhem.

Tanks on the Garage of the Museum

So there are dozens of tanks to see this weekend but those ones are the ones that we are most passionate about seeing in action! What tanks excite you the most? Let us know by sending us a Tweet!

Don’t forget to book tickets for this unforgettable experience – we hope to see you there.

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