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This Halloween don’t watch a horror movie, step inside one!


Simply put, it contains walk through horror attractions of a varying theme. In each attraction you will follow a dark and winding trail that will (hopefully) lead you to the exit. Along the trail you will encounter special effects, lighting effects, loud sound effects and most importantly live actors. All set out to make you jump, scream and laugh in equal measure!

However Dr. Fright’s is so much more than that. They have been commended for their electric atmosphere, their immersive attractions and their amazing value for money. Not to mention their raw, in your face style that sets them apart from anything else around.

They recently picked up the award for “The UK’s Best Halloween Screampark” and “Best Scare Maze 2020” at the annual Scar Awards (other nominees included ‘Alton Towers Scarefest’ and ‘Thorpe Park Fright Nights’). As well as being featured on numerous ‘Best Halloween Event’ lists up and down the country.

So all in all, Dr. Fright’s is an experience. One that you can’t afford to miss. Back with a brand new event for 2022, featuring 4 unforgettable scare mazes! Not to mention the terrifying horror characters that will inhabit them. There really is no better time to visit!

Batten down the hatches! The notorious killer clowns have commandeered a popular pirate themed attraction, transforming it into the perfect venue for their latest killing contest! Will you survive to tell the tale? Or will you end up another digit on the scoreboard?

Reclusive millionaire Bob Bixby has spent years building up a terrifying collection of live exhibits for his ‘Monsters & Madmen’ museum. Prepare to come face to face with the worlds most feared killers, creatures and demons that lurk around every corner!

The House Of Wax was once a popular small town attraction. Until the local townsfolk labelled eccentric owner Madame La’trusse a witch! Sentencing her to a fiery death! But legend has it, she still haunts the rooms and corridors. Reanimating the twisted remains of her beloved wax works to take revenge on anyone who dares set foot inside.

The crazed, chainsaw wielding hillbillies from our hit ‘Grindhouse’ series of mazes are back . . . and have taken up residence in ‘Wonderland’. A defunct fairytale village attraction deep in the louisiana swamps. Experience a blood soaked journey through a once magical land of enchantment. Welcome to your deadly never after!

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